Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shoe Week Saturday Wrap Up

Shoe week is coming to an end and just as a recap of what we highlighted this past week I will do a small daily recap with links to the actual days page so if you need more information you can find it there.  The important part to take from all of this is that there are generally 3 levels of shoes.

#1 The top of the line shoe which is going to have carbon soles and be very stiff so that you are not losing any power transfer in the pedal stroke.  To the average bicyclist this is not a priority just like the weight of the bike.  But to a racer that needs to have constant high power output - they are looking for a shoe that does not flex which causes you to lose power.  These shoes are generally 3 hole cleat compatible so you are looking for a pedal that takes that type of cleat - LOOK, KEO, TIME are a few.

#2 The middle of the line shoe which will generally have a combo sole which will give it a higher stiffness factor but not as high as their top of the line shoe.  If you are a Cat 4/5 or Recreational racer this is the shoe that I would recommend for you.  They will last a long time and should be very comfortable.

#3 Entry level shoe which will have the lowest stiffness factor but for recreational cyclists or beginners they are perfect.  They don't have a high price point, can be raced in, and are still very good shoes that will last a long time.

Which ever level you are looking for Tom's has a great selection for you.

Monday we highlighted Mountain Bike Shoes:

Tuesday we highlighted TT/Triathlon Shoes:

Wednesday was a bike industry review of new gear coming out:

Thursday we highlighted Commuting/Touring Shoes:

Friday we highlighted Road Racing Shoes:

Have a great Easter and remember we have extended hours.  Once this weather clears up we will be doing rides Sunday and Monday from the shop and if there is enough interest once the trails dry up Sprague Brook Wednesday night rides will occur.  Stop by and see us with any shoe, accessories, or bike questions!



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