Saturday, March 16, 2013


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Click on the above link if you are interested in participating in our Spring 50 ride from Westwood Park in Lancaster, NY May 19, 2013.  There are two distances available: 25 miles of 50 miles and there is bike support on the course if an issue occurs.  I am hoping my calendar stays clear this year and I am finally able to ride and maybe TS will join me on a Single Speed!

You probably remember that this week has been dedicated to the sport of Triathlon and we had a variety of posts this week to hopefully give you a little more insight in the sport.  Remember if you have any questions to stop by the shop and ask away - we pride ourselves on our customer service and we want to be your go to shop for all things big and small!

Monday we posted some information on the Xterra Off-Road Triathlon Series, highlighted two local clubs in the area The Buffalo Triathlon Club and Ionraic Triathlon Club, and showed off the Specialized Camber 29'er mountain bike.  Ionraic hosted their spring meeting at our shop this past week and the Buffalo Triathlon Club is hosting theirs this coming Thursday.

Tuesday we discussed some of the bike brands that we stock that manufacture a specific Triathlon/TT bike.  We highlighted Specialized, Cervelo, and Felt specifically but remember we also carry Fuji, Guru, Lightspeed, and Quintana Roo.

Wednesday we reviewed the Fizik Kurve Snake Saddle and reprinted some race tips from an English Pro Triathlete that she learned from her peer group.

Thursday was about travel destinations.  We rent travel bags and also rental wheels for races.  A couple of warm weather race destinations were discussed as well as a cold weather winter triathlon in the North East.  Fun times for the hardy or for the sun follower and after this winter I am turning into a sun follower personally!

Friday was all about speed and the Cervelo P5.  This bike is all about speed and if you are looking for a fast bike with top of the line modern technology you cannot go wrong with the P5.  It is not inexpensive but you will love the bike!

Remember Tom does personal fittings by appointment only.  If you have any questions stop on by the shop, gives us a call, or send us an e-mail.

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