Friday, March 1, 2013

Fast & Furious Friday - ROAD/CRIT RACE SCENE

1 - Clothing Sale

To wrap up the race theme week we have had going on we are going to highlight the local road/criterium racing scene.  By the looks of how few people checked out the Gravel Racing post we had up yesterday, I would imagine that today's will be more at home for the followers of Tom's Pro Bike blog.

As many of you know already Tom's sponsors a race team and we do weekly training rides from the shop on Mondays.  If the interest is there, we (well actually I) would like to do a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday ride out of Chestnut Ridge Park.  Tuesday or Thursday will most likely win out because Wednesday NFBC has a ride as well as a lot of the teams out there.  This will be based on your interest level.  I live in the area and it doesn't cost me anything to ride over to the park and see if anyone else shows up.  This would obviously be a hill intensive ride due to the topography in the area, but I know of a few flat routes for some recovery rides.

In doing my research for the post, it looks like the race schedule is still being put together but there are some early season races on the calendar that you can start preparing for:

April 7 - Akron Time Trial - put all those trainer miles to use and test your overall endurance.  This would be a great event for all of our Indoor Race Series participants!

April 14 - Lockport Winery Race

April 28 - Lockport Criterium & Training Series - A new event on the calendar and if you are new to racing and want some instruction and a test race this looks like a great chance!

May 2 - Omphalius Road UPHILL ITT - Ummmm yes this is going to hurt no doubt about it.  For those familiar with Omphalius you know what this all about.  For those up north that don't venture down south that often and when you do riding up Omphalius is not on your priority list - well bring your climbing legs and give it a go!

Looks like the summer downtown criterium series is continuing as well as the Larkinville Challenge.  Starts May 16th.

Not a whole lot of information out there for races in May and on but if you keep checking the calendar I am sure they are updating it as race dates/venues are confirmed.

So what is required for you to race?  Most racers already have the required USAC license but if you are just beginning and want to give these events a shot they do sell one day licenses at the event.  Also required is a helmet and obviously a race ready bike.  By race ready I am talking mechanically prepared so that it shifts and stops properly.  It does not have to be a carbon race bike but it needs to be ready for the road.

If you have any questions on a new bike, upgrading your current bike or getting it tuned for the upcoming season, new accessories, or clothing stop by the shop.

As shown above, we are having a Spring Wheel Sale so if you are in need of a new set of race wheels come on by for some more details!

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  1. Do you have any links for the events listed above?

  2. If you scroll your mouse over the race name the link is embedded there - blogger does not do a good job of showing the links - I should research to see if I can make it red or whatnot