Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Here is a fun link to start the day off with some Trials riding.  The cool thing about this is that they actually show the rider failing to clear an obstacle and then how he just keeps trying - gives us all hope!

We just want you to know that WNYMBA is hosting their Spring Meeting at our shop tonight.  If you would like to hear about trail projects, races, and other mountain biking discussions come on over to the shop before the 7:00pm start time!  This is an awesome local organization that has been the main driving force behind Sprague Brook, Hunters Creek, Ellicottville, and other local trails being built and maintained as well as they are!  They love all things Mountain Biking and if you are interested in learning more about them come on over!

They are also having a gear swap on April 7th, WNYMBA is hosting their annual Swap from 10:00am - 3:00pm at the Getzville Fire Hall.

With the expansion project at Tom's we finally had some showroom space for mountain bikes and Tom brought in the Specialized line of Mountain Bikes.  We have featured many of them since our blog started on the weekly Mountain Bike Monday blog edition but we have access to many other manufacturers bikes or specialty bikes.

Recently Tom had a customer order a Specialized P.26 Pro just as a highlight of the different types of bikes that Tom's has access to.  This is a dirt/bmx trick bike and not the typical Pro Bike that you would normally see around the shop.

On Saturday I got into the shop and did my typical walk around to see what was new because I had not worked since last Saturday.  There was a new Specialized Crux on the floor and I took a look at it because these bikes always catch my eye for some reason!  Now this doesn't fall into the Mountain Bike category but you could definitely ride it around Sprague Brook Cross Country Ski Trail and even the Creekside and Skunk Ridge Trail area.  Just think at how good of a bike handler you would become riding skinny tires around single track!

At Tom's we have access to Mountain Bikes from Lynskey, Specialized, Felt, Salsa, and Surly.  I would even consider the FatBike a mountain bike and if you are looking to add one of those to your stable for winter or summer riding we can obtain one for you.

If you have any other questions stop by the shop, send us an e-mail, or give us a call.  We want to become your one stop bike shop and that includes Mountain Bikes and the accessories that go along with them.  If you need something call us up and we can look into obtaining it and getting you a price.  There is no need to think of us as a Road Race Bike only shop - we carry Mountain Bikes and have a very knowledgeable staff in both areas!


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