Saturday, March 23, 2013


Well it is Saturday and that means it is time to wrap up Mountain Bike Week - we at Tom's hope you had a great week and that you learned something about mountain biking if you are new to the sport.  If you are a veteran of dirt riding we just want you to know that you can now get bikes and accessories for your sport at our newly expanded shop!

Monday we highlighted the Specialized Status - An awesome Downhill bike that will tear up the downhill scene of Whistler or any other destination spot.  If you are looking for a thrill enduring adventure sport there is no lack of excitement on a downhill run!

Tuesday was ladies day and the Specialized Saphire was the bike of the day - If you are looking for a ladies specific race bike for XTerra or other off road racing adventures this bike would definitely fit the bill.

Wednesday we talked about the speciality bikes that are now available through Tom's Pro Bike.  The Specialized P.26 Pro which is a trials bike and the Specialized Crux which is their carbon disc cross bike were both highlighted to give you a feel for the type of bikes that we stock or can order for you.  If you are looking for a specific bike come on in and talk to us and we will do our best to make sure we can obtain that bike for you!

Thursday we highlighted a review of the Specialized Roval Wheel Set that we now stock at Tom's.  If you are looking for a light weight, high end wheel set there is nothing wrong with looking at the Roval line of wheels!

Friday we talked about the benefits of Mountain Biking and concluded that in the end it is just plain FUN besides being a great cross-training activity for your road races.  You can better handling skills, do interval training, and just get more time in the saddle which is never a bad thing.

Have a great weekend and it looks like this weather might be finally breaking so look for posts about upcoming shop rides and events.  Stop by to test ride that bike you have been eyeing since winter came on or just take a look at the shop.  April is going to be a great month around the shop so keep an eye out for some great events coming up.

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