Monday, October 13, 2014

Reverse Bike Auction - AND THEN THERE WERE 4 DAYS LEFT

Reverse Bike Auction

Since the final price drop last Friday we have had over 30 bikes leave the shop.  If you are interested in a specific bike then I would get in touch with us today to make sure it is still available, set some time aside for a test ride, and take your new bike home with you for the great fall riding that is available around our area.

We are at the final price drop and they are good through this Thursday, 10/16/2014 close of business and then they are gone forever.  The bikes will return to their normal sale price and this type of an event might not happen again!  Or maybe it will be an annual event?  Are you willing to risk that?  You have already watched your bike hang around through 6 weeks of price drops - are you really going to chance that you can't get it for almost (or over) 50% off of MSRP?  

We have sold some Cervelos.  We have also sold some Colnago's and even some Lynskeys.  We sure have sold Specialized as well along with Fuji and Felt.  We have framesets or complete builds for you to chose from.  If your bike is on the board and you have been contemplating and waiting - well this is the week to make your move.  We have Carbon, Titanium, Steel, and Aluminum for you to chose from.  People are coming here from Syracuse to get in on the great deals so that tells you how good they are!

And maybe we don't have the size for you or the specific model you were looking for in a 2013 or older model.  For those that missed out on a Reverse Auction bike because of size or inventory - we have a special announcement for you.  Going until 10/31/2014 - ALL 2014 BIKES ARE 10% & YOU RECEIVE A GIFT CARD FROM TOM'S PRO BIKE FOR 10% OF REMAINING VALUE:

2014 Price is $3,000.00.  It drops to $2,700 automatically and you will receive a Tom's Pro Bike Gift Card for $270.00 to use on accessories in the store!  Just because we didn't have your bike in the Auction doesn't mean you can't still score a great deal at Tom's!  Prior sales not included.

The shop Bid Board is being updated with each sale and I am working on getting our internet version updated more this week.  So whether you are in the market for a road bike, triathlon/tt bike, mountain bike, or comfort hybrid bike you should really stop in and check out the Up-To-The-Minute Bid Board and determine which bike is the best way for you to go!  You should pass this information along to your friends as well.  If someone is contemplating a new bike - they should start with this board and go from there!

There is a wide selection of different models available in many different build levels as well.  From full carbon Di2 to Base Models we have a choice for you!  We are open from 10-6 today and tomorrow, so come on down and take a test ride and get ready to bid and watch.  Heck for that price you could even bring it home today and ride her all week long!

Don't forget we stock Assos Clothing & Accessories now.

Indoor Race Series information is out. Click on the link to register and purchase your race credits because it is going on right now!  Sure the weather was ideal for outdoor riding recently but you saw what happened last weekend.  Don't miss out on some great winter training opportunities!

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