Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Reverse Bike Auction - 2012 S-WORKS TARMAC SL4 DA7900

That is not the official color (it is red & white) but the 2012 S-Works Tarmac SL4 DA7900 is an awesome riding bike and with the Reverse Bike Auction in full swing and heading into the last week you can get this bike for $4,224 today (MSRP was $8,000).  The Indoor Race Series is happening now and what better way to train all winter on an S-Works Tarmac connected to our CompuTrainers!

The Bid Board was updated officially yesterday (we are close to 100 total units moved) and there is one final 5% price drop coming this Friday.  There was a lot of action over the weekend and whether you are in the market for a road bike, triathlon/tt bike, mountain bike, or comfort hybrid bike you should really stop in and check out the Up-To-The-Minute Bid Board and determine which bike is the best way for you to go!  You should pass this information along to your friends as well.  If someone is contemplating a new bike - they should start with this board and go from there!

REMEMBER THE RADIO TEASE? You want to be alert tomorrow for our post - just a warning!

There is a wide selection of different models available in many different build levels as well.  From full carbon Di2 to Base Models we have a choice for you!  We are open from 10-6 today, so come on down and take a test ride and get ready to bid and watch.  Heck for that price you could even bring it home today and ride her all week long!

Don't forget we stock Assos Clothing & Accessories now.

Indoor Race Series information is out. Click on the link to register and purchase your race credits because it STARTS THIS WEEK!  Sure the weather was ideal for outdoor riding recently but you saw what happened over the weekend.  Don't miss out on some great winter training opportunities!

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