Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Reverse Bike Auction - AND THEN THERE WERE 18 HOURS LEFT

At the shop last night some more bikes went out and some more bikes were taken off of the board with deposits being put down and fits being scheduled to pick up their new bikes!  We are at the final price drop and they are good through this Thursday, 10/16/2014 close of business and then they are gone forever - 18 Shop Hours at the time of this post on Wednesday morning.  The bikes will return to their normal sale price and this type of an event might not happen again!  Or maybe it will be an annual event?  Are you willing to risk that?  You have already watched your bike hang around through 6 weeks of price drops - are you really going to chance that you can't get it for almost (or over) 50% off of MSRP?

I am picking some bikes out this week that are baffling to me that they are still around because of the build and the deal they are.  We have discussed the Lynskey Pro 29 enough recently and yesterday we highlighted the Specialized CruX Comp Carbon and what a great deal that is.  Today it is the Lynskey R430 custom build that we did with Di2 components - MSRP $10,325 and on sale this week for $5,010 - yes that is more than 50% off.  Here is the Lynskey write up on the R430:

Lynskey's R430 is made for the big, powerful rider who pushes huge watts and has a tendency to flex, over-stress and even break lesser frames. Lynskey's R430 excels in fast crits and punishing road races where stiffness and efficiency are at premiums. That ride comes from aerospace-grade 6-4 titanium tubes with asymmetric chainstays and their Helix-shaped seatstays that resist the torque that powerful riders crank out. Hand built in Tennessee, the R430's geometry is low, aggressive and aero to give you high-speed stability and precise handling. That handling is further enhanced by the Alpha Q Grand Tour series carbon fork. Naturally, it's a Lynskey so you get the craftsmanship that they are known for as well as slick details like clover leaf dropouts and the renowned durability that comes with titanium.

Maybe we didn't have the size for you or the specific model you were looking for in a 2013 or older model.  For those that missed out on a Reverse Auction bike because of size, lack of inventory, or you got out bid on a specific bike - we have a special announcement for you.  Going until 10/31/2014 - ALL 2014 BIKES ARE 10% & YOU RECEIVE A GIFT CARD FROM TOM'S PRO BIKE FOR 10% OF REMAINING VALUE:

There is a wide selection of different models available in many different build levels as well.  From full carbon Di2 to Base Models we have a choice for you!  We are open from 10-6 today and tomorrow, so come on down and take a test ride and get ready to bid and watch.  Heck for that price you could even bring it home today and ride her all week long!

Don't forget we stock Assos Clothing & Accessories now.

Indoor Race Series information is out. Click on the link to register and purchase your race credits because it is going on right now!  Sure the weather was ideal for outdoor riding recently but you saw what happened last weekend.  Don't miss out on some great winter training opportunities!

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