Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday's Miscellaneous Musings - NUTRITION

Tom's Pro Bike carries Hammer Nutrition products for all of your "On The Bike/Run" nutrition.

Nutrition is very important to your training program.  It is almost as important as the physical training that you are doing.  Some might argue that it is even more important for heavy training athletes.  Your bodies are already strong and if you fail to properly feed it, you can lose strength and therefore lose performance level.

If you are not properly fueled up before or doing your workout you are not going to be able to work as hard and will be cutting your training efficiency!  If you are not properly refueling after your workout then you are not providing proper nutrients for your body to recover which will then hamper your following workout!  This is what you call a cyclical problem and catching back up is hard to do if you keep the cycle going (and I don't mean the bicycle wheels turning!!).  Hammer Nutrition provides products that help you fuel properly in all 3 phases of your training!
We are having a Holiday Special on Hammer Gels - Buy 2 Get 1 Free

This training guide is available at the Hammer Nutrition Website.  It provides information and nutrition background on all of the Hammer products and gives you insight into ways that you can improve your training and race performance with proper nutrition. 

Here is a copy of the Table of Contents to let you know what is provided in the guide:
  • LESS IS BEST - The right way to fuel

  • HYDRATION - What you need to know
  • ELECTROLYTE REPLENISHMENT - Why it’s so important & how to do it right
  • CALORIC INTAKE - Proper amounts during endurance exercise
  • RECOVERY - A crucial component for success
  • PROPER FUELING - Pre-workout & race suggestions
  • THE TOP 10 - The biggest mistakes endurance athletes make

  • PROTEIN - Why it’s important for endurance athletes
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