Friday, December 7, 2012

Fast & Furious Frame Set Sale Friday - 6 Serotta's Priced to Sell

Today we are offering a great deal for those interested in building up a frame set.  Pictures will not be provided but you need to come by and ask about these top of the line frame sets and how to best build one up for your racing season next year!

Frame #1 - Serotta 2009 Colordo 58cm - Original Price $2595.00 
SALE PRICE $1695.00

Frame #2 - Serotta 2009 Fierte Carbon 56cm - Original Price $4450.00 
SALE PRICE $3295.00

Frame #3 - Serotta 2009 Fierte Steel 56cm - Original Price $2595.00 
SALE PRICE $1695.00

Frame #4 - Serotta 2009 HSG Carbon 56cm - Original Price $4450.00 
SALE PRICE $3295.00

Frame #5 - Serotta 2009 Legend 58cm - Original Price $4195.00 
SALE PRICE $2995.00

We will try and get some pictures up for you over the weekend if you cannot make it in today or tomorrow during business hours.  These are limited quantities of 1 frame each as listed above.  Each frame was built with a Chris King Headset also!

SPECIAL PRICING THIS WEEK - Purchase Frame Set listed above and all components from Tom's Pro Bike and we will do the build for you free.  You can see the savings we are giving you on the frames alone and adding another $150.00 free professional bike build in for you on top of it.

Come in before all frames are gone and you miss out on these American made frames!

Some words from Ben Serotta on his frames: I started Serotta back in 1972 because I wanted to build the best bicycles in the world. Since then, that objective has been at the heart and soul of everything we do. We live for the challenge and reward of creating a ride that is superior to any other you can buy.

We are committed to building a bike for you, a bike that fits you and performs how you want it to. We begin with no preconceptions, no template. There are no shortcuts or magic formulas. No matter how technologically advanced and race-ready a bicycle is, unless it fits you like a glove, peak performance of the bike and rider will never be realized.

Our bikes are 100% handcrafted in our Saratoga Springs, NY, factories by craftspeople and cyclists who understand high performance bicycles and are dedicated to making each Serotta perform brilliantly. We design and produce all our own small parts in our facility. We butt and swag our own titanium tubes. And we are fanatical about quality control.

It is really pretty simple. There are lots of great bikes, so there is only one reason for Serotta to build another one. It has to be better. One ride on a Serotta will tell you all you really need to know.

Stop by and talk to us if you are interested in purchasing a Serotta frame and getting some component's to build the bike of your dreams up!  You won't be disappointed!

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