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Today we are going to discuss a Touring/Commuting Bike that can be broken down and flown as standard carry-on luggage as well.  So not only can you travel by using this bike - you can also travel with the bike and ride it in foreign exotic lands that you have always dreamed of riding your bike in without the hassle of packing the bike and paying either shipping fees or excess luggage fees with the airlines!

First we are going to see what Surly has to say about this frameset and the complete Long Haul Trucker as well since the bike is the same besides the capability to break the frame apart:

Otherwise a standard rim brake, 26" wheeled LHT frame, the Trucker Deluxe splits into front and rear halves, and is joined by brazed-in stainless steel threaded sleeves commonly known as S&S Couplers (S&S Machine is the company who invented and manufactures them). S&S Couplers allow the entire bicycle (without bags or racks) to fit into a case within airline regulation dimension for standard size luggage…meaning your bike can fly at the same price as a normal piece of checked luggage. We sell this as a frameset only, and advise that to properly make use of the option this frame provides, a certain level of mechanical aptitude is required. You have been warned.
  • 26" wheel only. Framesets only
  • Sizes 42, 46, 50–64cm

Bicycle touring has been growing in popularity quite a bit in the last decade, and our Long Haul Trucker has been around for most of that time. Over the years it’s developed a devoted following. People understand and appreciate the LHT’s dependability and everyday riding comfort, whether they’re cruising to the store or lost in the middle of nowhere.
Why the Trucker? Simple. A touring bike’s job is to go the distance and then some while carrying you and your gear, all in relative comfort. The Long Haul Trucker was designed in all aspects to do exactly that. Its low bottom bracket and long chainstays provide comfort and stability. We gave it ample tire clearance for larger tires (larger tires soak up a lot of road static) with room for fenders too. The frame’s tubing is thicker-walled and larger-diameter than standard road and sport-touring frames, and this pre-tunes it for the weight of cargo. And it’s got all the braze-ons, from rack mounts to water bottle cage bosses to spare spoke holders. Like all our frames, it’s made of CroMoly steel. We like steel for a lot of reasons, foremost among them the ride quality a well-designed steel frame delivers. It doesn’t hurt that steel is relatively inexpensive, or that it is more easily repaired than aluminum, carbon fiber or titanium. You’ll probably never need to have the frame repaired, but if you do you’re more likely to find someone who can weld steel than someone who can weld ti or aluminum. Repair carbon fiber? Good luck with that.
Designed to be used with cantilever or linear-pull brakes, the standard Long Haul Trucker is available as a frameset and as a complete bike, with 26" wheels in 42–62cm frame sizes, and with 700c wheels in 56–64cm. Yep, we now offer a 64cm.  A well designed bike for tall folks at a production frame price ought to make a lot of folks pretty happy. We’re updating the fork too, with custom crown and dropouts. This fork has two sets of eyelets on the dropouts as well as at proper mid-blade height, and 5 x 0.8mm bosses built into the side of the crown. All this makes the fork compatible with most types of racks, and provides options how you can mount racks and carry your stuff.
The component group was chosen for its technical ability, durability, and value.  This is stuff that works well on a fully loaded tourer, will last you a while, and won’t shoot holes in your wallet.  You’ll add whatever you need to go where you want, like racks and fenders.  Once you have that sorted, get out there and ride.  And then when you get there, keep going.

We have one Trucker Deluxe Frame in stock - Size 52cm but we can order any size you need in the Trucker Deluxe, Trucker 26", Trucker 700c, or Trucker Disc.  This has long been one of Surly's most popular bikes and is a mainstay in the touring bike catagory as well as a very dependable commuter bike.  If you are in the market for either of those you cannot go wrong with this frameset and building up a custom touring/commuting bike or you can order a complete bike from Surly.  Stop by the shop to discuss all of these options and get some pricing on complete framesets.

Long Haul Trucker Deluxe Frame MSRP - 52cm - $950.00
Tom's Sale Price - $850.00
Tom's Blog Bike Price - $815.00

Tom's Pro Bike has other touring/commuting bikes in stock as well.  We highly recommend setting up a fit before your purchase so that you are purchasing the correct bike for you.  If you are looking to upgrade this bike or another bike in your stable, we carry Campagnola, Shimano and SRAM components and Mavic and other wheelsets.  Stop by to take a test ride or give us a call or drop an e-mail with any questions.

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