Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday's Miscellaneous Musings - WINTER TRAINING OPTIONS

Sure it is getting colder out there and the snow will be flying shortly but does that mean you don't ride your bicycle for the next 6 months?  Not if you want to be in top race shape come all of the Spring Races that fill the early season schedule!  

So, what are your options?  Well a couple of weeks ago we ran a special on the Winter Race Series and there are still some openings available for that.  The special is off but you can still sign up for the series and have some fun "racing" this winter!

The same day we also mentioned some specials with our CycleOps and Kinetic Trainers that we have in stock.  We received a new shipment of CycleOps so stop by and compare them and see which one would work best in your "torture chamber" to get in top shape for next season!

Salsa Mukluk 2

Salsa Mukluk TI
Surly Pugsley

45Nrth Winter Boots

As you can see from the pictures above here we are showing a Salsa Mukluk standard and Titanium Frame, Surly Pugsley, and 45Nrth Winter Boots.  These bikes will travel over snowmobile trails, dirt trails, river beds, and any other surface you can throw at them!  I have the original Salsa Mukluk and have ridden it at Sprague Brook, Cazenovia Creek Bed, Chestnut Ridge Snowmobile Trails and the surrounding area, Commuted to work on it, traveled with it to Northern Georgia and ridden single track that is heavenly.  Sure it is heavy but it is a great bike to train on and when you get back on your carbon race bike you will feel like you have rocket jets strapped to your rear wheel!

We currently don't have any of the "snow bikes" in stock but if you are interested in seeing one contact us and I can bring my Mukluk in for you to look at and test ride.  We can then contact our distributor and see what options we can provide to you for owning your very own "Fat Bike".  We will be doing a   much further in-depth write up on the Mukluk and Pugsley in the coming weeks so keep an eye out!

To keep your toes warm these boots are coming highly recommended by many riders out west and will be ridden through Alaska and cold temperatures all winter long.  Once again if you are interested in these contact us and we will get in touch with the distributor and see if we can get you a pair!

We stock many other cold weather riding gear - just stop by and check out our inventory!

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