Thursday, February 27, 2014

Travel By Bike Thursday - GUNNAR SPORT


The Miles Bring Smiles!

For some people, it’s more about miles than it is the miles per hour. Yet they still want the lightness and performance of a great steel bike. This is where the Sport shines.

Its upright riding position, longer wheelbase and more stable steering makes the miles a pleasure to savor. And when the weather deteriorates, you’re ready, thanks to our 57mm reach brake design that provides you room for fenders and 28C tires. Rear rack mounts give you the freedom to carry lunch, a laptop, or a weekend’s worth of whatever – plenty for commuting, supported tours, randonneuring or credit card touring.

We offer sizes all the way up to 68cm so just about everyone can enjoy a great ride.

With a tubeset light enough to dance but solid enough to give you confidence, you’ll be able to take the climbs with ease and the descents without fear. Our stainless steel vertical dropouts keep your wheel in line and never rust – one more feature that makes the Sport a great investment.
Welcome to Travel By Bike Thursday and the Gunnar Sport bike.  Gunnar is an American company and builds a great bike.  We have the Sport with a 105 build that is regularly $3150.00 on sale for $2450.00  Sure it is not an entry level touring/commuting bike but if you want a bike that you will keep for a lifetime then this is quite a deal.

Stop by the shop for more information - we are here until 8:00pm today.

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