Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Triathlon/TT Tuesday - XTerra Syracuse Training Group

In my Internet browsing I came across an interesting posting from a Syracuse area post about XTerra returning to Western/Central New York August 17th.  The next day I had a whole day of travel out west and I had a brilliant idea and now it is up to you to respond.

Tom's Pro Bike XTerra Syracuse Training Group

What we need first of all is to find out if there is enough interest to support this little endeavour.

What is required of you is to let us know via the comments, facebook, google +, or a call to the shop that you are interested in joining a training group.

My idea is as follows:

We do the Tuesday Night Single Track Race Series at Sprague Brook that runs from May 20th through June 24th at 6:30pm.  That will put us just under 8 weeks to the actual race day and then we can continue to meet at Sprague Brook on Tuesday nights for a brick workout which would be a loop on the single track followed by a 1/2 loop run.

Swim workouts would have to take place on your own outside of this time and, of course, additional training as well.  There might be a possibility of some Sunday afternoon training sessions at Sprague Brook also.

For more information on the event here is the REGISTRATION LINK.  They are also having a stand alone 10k and 20k trail race that morning as well and to get the whole family involved there is a CHILDREN'S EVENT.  Also there is a RELAY OPTION for the triathlon if you want to put a team together to tackle the event.

Tom's Pro Bike has a wide selection of mountain bikes that would be quite capable of handling this event so stop by the shop and check out our inventory.  As I said above the key is to find out if there is enough interest in putting this group together.

Tentative EVENT SCHEDULE is up at the website. Check out our upcoming 2014 events and pre-plan your schedule!
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  1. Why not a double whammy with XTERRA ASP (XTERRA is always all CAPs ;) ). There are others some of the local XTERRA guys care going to as well.

  2. in English this time...

    Why not a double whammy with XTERRA ASP (XTERRA is always all CAPs ;) ). There are some of the local XTERRA people traveling to many of the new and semi close XTERRA events this year!

    1. XTERRA Greg - We are now posting about that one as well - thanks for the heads up I forgot about ASP.