Monday, February 17, 2014

Mountain Bike Monday - FAT BIKING IN ONTARIO

Yesterday was race day in Port Colborne, Ontario at The Frostbike 2014 edition.  Tom Seiler and Bill Graves drove up and were supported and cheered on by Shirley Carnall.  The race had a Fat Bike division and as you can see from the picture there were an abundance of regular mountain bikes around as well.

The Lynskey Stratus and Surly Pugs Op performed as well as can be expected under the guidance of two older aged cyclists.  We will blame the last wave start for slower than expected finish times but at the end of the day some great friends were made, good food was eaten, and bikes were ridden in February in Western New York (Ontario).

Here we are preparing the rigs for the race start.  The conditions were ideal on our test rides but as the 90+ cyclists made their way around the course snow softened and the going got a lot tougher.  Spills occurred, some walking took place, and the finish was there before we knew it.  We were treated to a great bowl of chili and good camaraderie afterwords as well.  This is what makes mountain bike racing and especially in the winter so special!

If you are looking for a chance to ride in all of this beautiful snow you really need to look at a Fat Bike.  They are a great way to enhance your winter riding and to be honest with you, your bike handling skills will increase 10 fold so when you are out on your summer group rides or training rides you won't be doubting the skills to stay with the pack!

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