Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Grand Opening Week - BIKE INDUSTRY NEWS

1-Demo Day

Interesting news just out yesterday from Specialized - they have continued their Spring Classics Sale on certain bikes - check the link to find out which ones and know there is still time to get a great bike for a great price!

We are at the mid-week point leading up to our Grand Opening Event/Demo Day this coming Saturday.  Today we are still going to highlight some industry news and tomorrow we will get back to manufacturers and their bike models.

This is a LED Turn Signal that is now available.  It is manufactured by Doppelgander and looks to cost around $42 for the set.  You can see the thumb activation button.  This is a very helpful item if you do a lot of riding in the dark or at dusk/dawn so cars know what you are thinking.

Shimano updated their XTR brakes/wheel set and they released them at this past weeks Sea Otter Classic.  They were both updated with weight savings material.  No price was shown for the brakes but the wheelset is going to cost around $3200.00

It seems like more and more road models are becoming available with disc brakes and TRP has updated their line to include a Cable/Hydraulic Disc Brake and also a Cable Disc Brake.  The combo set uses cable to pull open a reservoir near the brake caliper that allows hydraulic fluid to control braking.  They were tested at Sea Otter and got very good reviews which you can find here.

The Specialized Aero Road Helmet showed up again and even though Specialized is not saying much about it I am guessing that we will have access to it by the end of the year.  So if you are interested in this keep an eye out for it and we will keep you posted when it becomes available.

In team news - Alessando Petacchi is retiring from racing.  He is 39 years old and won 48 Grand Tour stages over the course of his career - not bad at all.  I often wonder what retired racers do and if they ever ride their bikes again - I sure hope so!  Enjoy retirement Alessandro!

Even though the season is just getting started they are already talking about moves coming in 2014 and one highlight is that Renshaw might rejoin Cavendish as his lead out man.  This will be interesting to follow during the upcoming season and I wonder if Renshaw might go and pull a lead out for Cav this season just like Cal did for Ricky Bobby in Talledaga Nights?

For all of you commuters out there check this video out about the Dutch powering through Hurricane force winds on their commute.  This is how I felt last Wednesday with 30+ mph winds but these people are animals!  Guess when you are raised commuting the conditions just don't that much of a factor into your daily routine!

Keep an eye out all week long for highlights of some of our manufactures and come see us Saturday - Group Ride at 9:00am, demos, food, and friends - what more could you want?

LADIES RIDE MAY 5TH 10:00 am with cookout to follow!


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