Thursday, August 13, 2015

Speedplay SYZR Stainless Pedal System

Do you like playing in the mud on your bike?  Either Mountain Biking or Cyclo-Cross will bring conditions that make pedal entry much tougher than dry sunny conditions and Speedplay has upped the pedal game with their new SYZR Stainless or Titanium Pedal System:

Key features:
    DIRECT-DRIVE POWER TRANSFER: Syzr pedals deliver power more efficiently than any MTB pedal. Other MTB pedal systems waste energy with every pedal stroke by transferring rider power through the spongy rubber tread of the shoe sole. Direct, through-the-cleat power transfer eliminates any energy loss from sole compression or wear.
    ACTIVE CLEAT STABILIZATION: Self-tightening, cinch-down cleat connection ensures unsurpassed lateral foot stability. Syzr pedals are the only off-road pedal design to provide the superior platform stability of a road pedal.
    TRUE MICRO-ADJUSTABLE FLOAT: Micro-adjustable, 10-degree float range makes cleat set-up easy. Unique, pivoting cleat provides smooth, non-recentering, knee-friendly float.
    CERAMIC ROLLER-CAM RELEASE TECHNOLOGY: Proprietary Ceramic Roller-Cam Release Technology ensures consistent disengagement in all conditions by rolling instead of binding.
    TARGET ACQUISITION TECHNOLOGY: Funnel-shaped guides on the front of each cleat effectively increase the size of the target area and steer the cleat into the pedal. This technology makes Syzr pedals much easier to engage without looking.
    LIGHT WEIGHT: Stainless pedal each 156g; 312g per pair. 
    *Titanium pedal each 137g; 275g per pair.

For more information on the Speedplay SYZR Pedal System stop by the shop today from 10-8.  We can put them on a mountain or cross bike for you to get comfortable with over the weekend.  Cross season is starting soon!

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