Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cool Weather Coming - dznuts InHeat Embrocation Cream

We all know what is coming around the corner - Cool, Cooler and then Colder Air.  The fair just ended & school is starting back up and that means Fall is on it's way followed by lovely Mr. Winter!  What do you do to keep warm on those cool mornings?

Tom's stocks dznuts inheat products to help keep your extremities warm and loose during those cool rides:

This pro-grade embrocation combines both the traditional components and qualities of the Belgian “home brewed pastes” with modern science to create a medicated liniment that loosens and prepares muscles for maximum exertion, as well as providing warmth, protection, and comfort during the most nasty weather conditions.

There are 3 different heat levels - Low, Medium & High Heat.  So if you want to skip the tights or knickers on those odd cool days stop by the shop and pick up some dznuts in heat products.  We are open from 10-8 today!

Looking to do a Century?  Set aside 9/20 for Tom's Century Ride - Route to be determined (but I am pushing for a South Route)  More information to come!

Looking to do a Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen type ride?  Set aside 10/4 for the DD716 which is going to be a punishing 60 or so mile route over & through some of Erie Counties biggest hills and prettiest countryside.  Route is being analyzed so more will follow.  This is a no joke ride that will start and finish at Chestnut Ridge and will be a "controlled" roll to each climb where you will be set lose to challenge yourself and those around you!

WNY Cross has a new Facebook Page with all the Buffalo/Rochester Race Information posted!

Reynolds has a $250.00 Trade In Program if you purchase any Carbon Wheel!
3687 Walden Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 651-9995

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