Thursday, June 6, 2013

Travel By Bike Thursday - SERFAS LIGHTS

Today we are going to discuss some different options there are for lighting the pathway on your tour or commute.  This time of the year there is not a huge need for lights unless you are leaving before 5:30am or riding after 9:00pm at night locally but we all know that changes rapidly.  When I commute to work I leave home around 5:30 and just use a rear blinker for 1/2 of my ride to work so early morning drivers know that there is a bike up ahead.  It is light enough out that I don't even bother with a front light.  The CP-USBS combo picture above retails for $40.00 and is a great option to let vehicles know you are there.

When I need lighting I go slightly overboard because my logic is that there is no way that a driver will ever be able to see I didn't see him coming if I get hit.  I have a front blinking light on my helmet and my handlebars and then I run a steady light on the handlebars as well for visibility.  On the rear of my helmet I have another red blinker and also on my seatpost.

At Tom's we carry Serfas lights and they have so many different options out today and the technology has changed so much in just the 6 years that I have been researching lights.  The majority of lights are USB charge capable so if you have a computer nearby you can charge your lights.  I have not used these but once the seasons start to shift I am going to change around my selection and see how they work so keep an eye out for a review come late fall/early winter.

The Thunderbolt is one of the best sellers at Tom's.  It is available in a taillight or headlight option and puts off a great amount of light.

Now for higher end lighting there is the TSL-250+ Headlight.  This light would carry you through many a night ride and give you great lighting for a ride on the road or through the woods.  MSRP is $110.00 on this model and they have a lower end and higher end model.

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