Monday, June 3, 2013


I received a pair of these complimentary from Specialized to try out and do a review of them.  I have  used them for commuting, mountain biking and even got to wear them around while doing a shopping expedition after my wife forgot to bring a spare pair of sneakers to wear.  Today I will give you my review of them so far.

The first part of the review I am going to mention is that I have them installed with my eggbeater cleats and I generally do not ride a commuting bike with eggbeaters on them so the commutes I have done have been on my snowbike or mountain bike.  The pedal is not a real large factor in my shoe liking decision process but I felt I should mention that to you.

The shoe has a very solid platform and is extremely comfortable.  As you can see from the picture above there is the boa top closure system and two velcro straps across the mid and lower foot area.  The shoe is extremely adjustable on the fly (while pedaling) with the boa system so if it is too lose or tight that can change with just a turn off the knob.

Although I have not ridden the shoe in extreme weather conditions such as freezing cold or super hot and humid weather, the conditions I have ridden in have not effected how comfortable my feet are.  If it has been cooler I will wear a heavier wool sock and if it was warm & humid, being a mountain bike shoe, generally my feet never "overheat" to that uncomfortable feeling.

The shoes themselves do dry very quickly.  Last Wednesday I did the WNYMBA Sprague Brook Mountain Bike Race Series and the conditions were extremely wet & muddy.  So muddy in fact that we cleaned off in the creek and the shoes got extremely wet.  I left them out overnight and commuted to work in the morning with them and they had dried out enough that my socks were not super wet by the time I arrived at work.  I then put some newspaper in them and they dried out completely by that afternoon's ride home.  So I was very pleased with their ability to dry out quickly.

I have had to walk around quite a bit in them as mentioned above and my feet never complained and they were very safe as well.  They might not be as high performance as some full carbon soled upper end shoes but they still provide great bike stability and I don't feel as though I am losing any power while pedaling.

Overall I really like these shoes and even if I did not receive a complimentary pair I would have no problem purchasing them.  I feel that I should get 5 or more years of riding seasons out of them and if you are looking for a great combo shoe this is definitely worth looking at.

MSRP: $180.00 - we do not currently stock this shoe but they can be ordered in for you and are available immediately in most sizes.  For more information stop by the shop, give us a call, or send us an e-mail!

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