Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday's Miscellaneous Musings - SHOP RIDE TODAY

We are riding from the shop today - should be around noon but check Facebook or give us a call to confirm.  Supposed to be 50+ degrees out so shake those winter blues and get some January road miles in.

I met this couple in Seaside, Oregon.  They were from Iowa and out visiting family and we talked about touring and my adventures for 30 minutes.  I don't ever remember having that long of a conversation with someone at the gas station while we filled our tanks up!

One thing I told Tom when we discussed me coming on board to run the blog and help out in the shop part-time was that when I see someone riding their bike it makes me smile and he agreed.  It does not matter where I am, who it is, or what their situation is - it makes me smile.  I try to ride outside 2-3x a week minimum during the winter and sure the conditions can be trying and deflating at times but I have never put my bike away and said well I am not ever going to do that again.

This is near Point Reyes Station, California.  I had stopped to chat with the owner of a Local Bike Shop and he pointed me in this direction.  I was not disappointed to say the least!

Just in case my friend Linda is reading this post I made a comment like my last sentence this past October when I was the bike relay leg for Beach2Battleship Full Ironman.  Nothing like pounding away on a bike for 120+ miles and putting everything you have into it and then hoping off the bike and being asked how it went.  I responded quite emphatically that I don't know if I will ever do that again!  But you know what - I would do it again - as a matter of fact I would do it every day if I could find the time.  Some days would be work, some days would be inexplicably awesome, and some days would be like every other day - just a day on the bike.  But the key is that it would be a day on the bike!

Sure you can have a lot of fun in the winter time as well but you had better be prepared for some hard work!  I personally find the work is well worth the scenery and peace and quiet you get riding in these areas.
So come join us tomorrow for some smile inducing bike riding.  Riding my bike is fun but riding my bike with people who love to ride their bike is AWESOME!  Do you ever carry a camera with you to take photos as you travel along?  I would highly recommend it because there are photos that I have from years past that I scroll through and look at and just smile remembering where I was at that particular time.

The Salsa Mukluk is good on creek beds as well.  Your feet might get wet but the smile doesn't go away until long after you have showered!

If you need more information on finding that special bike or would like to discuss our weekly group rides give us a call, send us an e-mail, or stop on by the shop.  Remember if you have a particular bike or question you would like answered in the blog leave a comment or send us an e-mail.  We have a lot of bikes in stock to cover but we also want this to be informative for you.  Once the weather breaks for good I will be test riding and reviewing the bikes to give you more hands on reporting of a particular bike - can't wait to find someone to ride the Co-Motion Tandem with me!


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