Monday, January 28, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday - LYNSKEY PRO 29

We discussed this bike a couple of weeks ago but now it is here and built up and ready to go home to someone who appreciates beauty in a bicycle!  I was on the floor Saturday and a customer came in and commented on how beautiful the bike looked and how well built the frame was (he does welding of titanium and is familiar with good craftsmanship when it comes to welds) and how he wanted to bring it home with him!

The build includes:

Titanium Frame

Manitou Tower Pro Adjustable Shock

Stans No Tube ZTR Arch EX 29'er Wheelset with Nano 2.1 Tires - build currently has tubes but we have the valves and sealant to make them tubeless if you want to go this direction (you will receive these parts either way because they are part of the build)

Lynskey Sport Saddle
FSA Stem
FSA Afterburner Bar

Shimano XT 2x10 components with Shimano XT Hydraulic Disc Brakes (160mm Rotor)

Price on this bike is $5299 - If you are in the market for a top of the line hardtail this bike is for you.  Stop by the shop and check it out and if the roads are clear take her for a spin.  I can't imagine that it will be around for long though - this is a beauty!

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