Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday's Miscellaneous Musings - AME HEATED BAR TAPE

Interested in a new way to keep your hands warm during cold rides?  Check out the AME Heated Bar Tape System.  The system was just highlighted in Road Bike Action magazine and Tom has it on his personal bike as well and loves it!

Battery Pack: The A’ME Battery Pack consists of a rechargeable lithium-Ion Polymer, 11.1 volt, 4250-mAh battery incased in an impact resistant plastic shell. It has the A’ME DuxButt™ watertight connectors, which are compatible to all A’ME thermal controlled products. This A’ME proprietary connector contains specially plated terminals with a molded housing to seal around the terminals and insure a watertight fit.

Battery Charger: The A’ME battery charger is specific to the A’ME battery Pack. It is equipped with the A’ME DuxButt™ watertight connectors. No other charger is recommended. Powered by a normal households 110 volts AC, it will recharge a fully depleted battery in approximately 4 hours.
Battery Mounting Kit: This kit contains two separate mounting pieces made of a molded rubber compound. One will allow the battery to be mounted under a frame tube or handlebar stem. The other is a pad cover to cushion the battery against the side of the frame. An 18” Velcro strap will help secure the battery case to many locations on the bike.

Jumper Leads: A’ME has jumper leads available to be used with alternative battery sources. They feature the A’ME DuxButt™ connectors and can be spliced into the leads of an existing with a 9 to 14 volt DC output. The milliamp hour
output of an alternative battery will
affect the length of time the
grip will run.

Stop by the shop and check out the tape on Tom's personal bike.  Cost is $200.00 for the system.  That does not include installation or bar tape of your choice.  If you want this system for your bike we are running a special this week only for the system, tape (your choice of Specialized Bar Tape that we have in stock at the shop), and installation for $250.00.  This is typically $275.00.  You must mention this blog post to receive this special price.

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