Monday, November 2, 2015

Bike Touring

I was just checking out the Specialized website and came across - Will Ride For Cupcakes - a first timers story about touring from New Hampshire to Maine (just so you know there is a lot of climbing in this part of the country - especially back roads!)

There are a few different ways to tour - full self-supported carrying all of your gear and the Specialized AWOL is perfect for that.  Or maybe you want to "Credit Card" Tour an area and just carry minimal gear where the Specialized Diverge would excel in that area.

Either way we can help get you ready for your first tour or help pick out some new gear for a seasoned veteran.  Stop by today from 10-8 and take a bike out for a test ride - the weather is supposed to be awesome this week so don't miss out!

Want a great way to stay in shape this winter?  Sign up for a slot of our Indoor Training Series.

Indoor Training Series is on right now.  Information HERE!
WE RENT FAT BIKES NOW!  Interested in trying out a Fat Bike without having to purchase one?  We now rent the Specialized Fatboy at Tom's Pro Bike!
WNY Cross has a new Facebook Page with all the Buffalo/Rochester Race Information posted.  5 races left this year!
3687 Walden Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086

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