Friday, October 30, 2015


Most of us know that Saturday Night/Sunday Morning it is time to set the clocks back 1 hour.  Yes you gain 1 hour of sleep (or partying depending on your lifestyle) but the sun is up less and is lower when it is up so being seen on the bike, if you want to keep riding outdoors, becomes more dependent on outside sources rather than the good old Sun!

Here is a VIDEO out of Chicago that shows some cyclists riding without lights at night - not a smart move at all!

Specialized is doing it's part as well by providing Reflective Material outerwear, lights, and Visible accents on bikes, shoes & tires as well.  They have a page See & Be Seen that has a bunch of information for you to look over and become and educated consumer.

As a point of reference, I commute (not daily but as often as possible) year round in Western New York and do a large amount of night time riding.  Now with the daylight hours shrinking my setup is 1 Main Front Light (To See), 2 front flashing lights (To Be Seen) but one of these can go Steady lights for single track riding to see more in my sight path because I have it attached to my helmet, and 3 flashing rear lights (To Be Seen).  It may be overkill but I have had enough close calls on the bike in the dark that my thoughts are better too many lights than not enough lights!

We have a huge assortment of lights, reflective clothing, and high visibility shoes/tires so stop by the shop today or tomorrow from 10-6 and check out our inventory.

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