Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Winter Commuting - Don't Stop Riding Because It Is Cold Out!

I came across this cool article yesterday from QBP about Winter Commuting and posted it to Facebook but figured a good old fashioned blog post would be nice in case you missed it.  Here are a couple of key points I took away from it:

Apparel is the hardest thing to nail down - hands down the most difficult aspect of winter riding.  If it is cold out and you leave the house comfortable you are going to sweat out yourself and that is very dangerous!  Leave the house cold!

Visibility and safety are huge concerns when we have so few hours of light - you need lights to see and to be seen!

Commuting isn’t racing - I will do some intervals on the way home generally if I have the legs for it but my ride into the office is at a very casual pace.  This is where base mileage building comes into play!

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