Monday, November 9, 2015

Adventure By Bike

Ever find yourself in the doldrums while riding your bike?

Do you often look off into the hills while cruising down local roads and wonder what is on the other side?

Do you like leg searing bike climbs?

If you head into rural Western New York you are going to find some awesome roads to ride.  Some paved and some gravel, some flat and some with great climbing involved.  Either way if you are looking at doing some Adventure By Bike then you need to stop by Tom's and check out our inventory of bikes that will allow more fun than spinning 23 or 25mm tires down asphalt covered roads.

You have your choice of Fat Bikes, Cross Bikes or Adventure Bikes.  All 3 will provide the platform for you to leave the ordinary and go find the extraordinary on two wheels.  We are open from 10-8 today so hurry in and go for a test ride -  you won't be disappointed!

Want a great way to stay in shape this winter?  Sign up for a slot of our Indoor Training Series.

Indoor Training Series is on right now.  Information HERE!
WE RENT FAT BIKES NOW!  Interested in trying out a Fat Bike without having to purchase one?  We now rent the Specialized Fatboy at Tom's Pro Bike!
WNY Cross has a new Facebook Page with all the Buffalo/Rochester Race Information posted.  3 races left this year!
3687 Walden Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086

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