Friday, September 27, 2013

Fast & Furious Friday - COLNAGO C59 DISC

A lot of the news and information out of InterBike was about Hydraulic Disc Brakes on road bikes.  Today I figured we would highlight a high end road bike that is built with the new system in mind.  We will also be doing some information on the purpose behind the disc brake system on road bikes today.

As you can see we are highlighting the Colnago C59 Disc Bike.  They have disc brake bikes available in their cross line as well but today is all about speed!

Let's see what Colnago says about their frame:

Welcome to a new era of high per­for­mance road bike brak­ing, the Colnago C59 Disc.
Colnago have taken a bold step towards the future of road bike evo­lu­tion with the intro­duc­tion of the C59 Disc. Featuring fully hydraulic front and rear disc brakes it is set to bring a whole new level of per­for­mance and safety to the Colnago road bike line. The frame and fork are fully com­pat­i­ble with stan­dard PM calipers too.
With twin 140mm diam­e­ter discs the frame and fork have also been redesigned in the key areas where the brakes are mounted. The fork is com­pletely new, whilst at the rear of the main frame the chain­stays and the seat­stays are also new, to cope with the increased load­ing that the disc brakes gen­er­ate at their mount­ing points. The C59 Disc is com­pat­i­ble with both elec­tronic and mechan­i­cal groupsets.
Along with the main chas­sis changes, Colnago have also designed their own match­ing wheel sys­tem, the Artemis Disc. These wheels fea­ture disc-specific hubs and full car­bon com­pos­ite wheel rims.
Now, no mat­ter the weather, you can have the most pow­er­ful and con­trol­lable brak­ing sys­tem avail­able on a road bicy­cle. The sys­tem is easy to ser­vice, should it ever need ser­vic­ing - as the sys­tem is essen­tially closed and there are no cables to replace or wear out. The reg­u­lar main­te­nance will only con­sist of check­ing the brake pads for wear, and replac­ing them when needed - which is a sim­ple five minute job.

Now for my personal take:  I have used road mechanical disc brakes for about 5 years on my touring & cross bikes.  I have used mountain bike hydraulic disc brakes for over 6 years now.  I don't know how the appearance is yet on the whole system but if they are as controllable as the mountain bike hydraulic disc brakes are then I am sold on these especially with the weather conditions that we get year round in Western New York.  Disc Brakes work great in the rain & snow and I feel completely at ease riding in these conditions when I on my bike with the disc brakes.  I have never had an issue with rim brakes either but when they get wet it is always in the back of my mind that they can possibly not stop me in time if necessary.

Do you need them?  Well that is only a question you can answer but if you are looking to upgrade your bike why not give them a try and see what you think about them.  In the end, only you can be 100% if they are a necessity!

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