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First off we all hope that you had a great Labor Day weekend and that you got out to ride your bikes with the great weather we had!
Today we are going to get back to our Triathlon/TT gear day and with Interbike just a couple of weeks away we are awaiting all the breaking news of new models and specifications so we can show you some race bikes.  Until all the information hits the typical internet sources I am just going to highlight some new accessories and the such instead of talking about last years bike models!

Today we are going to highlight a new saddle from Fizik - The Triton Triathlon Saddle which was unveiled at Eurobike last month.  The saddle has an integrated bottle mount and here is some write up from the Eurobike:

The Tritone triathlon/time trial saddle
Fi'zi:k have launched their first noseless saddle, aimed at triathletes and time triallists who favour a forward position and are looking for greater comfort. The new Tritone has a 55mm-wide nose, and a truncated shape that widens sooner than a conventional saddle for greater seated support and greater hip rotation. Length is 24cm, which complies with UCI rules for time trials, widening its appeal.
A pressure-relieving channel runs the full length of the saddle, starting at almost the full width of the nose and tapering towards the rear. Silk-screen printed silicone strips run along the top of each side of the channel to increase grip and help you maintain position. 
The new foam material, which we’re told is more elastic, is certainly very generous, has a density specifically developed for the Tritone and is aimed at improving comfort for prolonged seated efforts. The nylon carbon fibre-reinforced shell is both light and stiff, and sports extra-long 85mm rails to fit every time trial or tri bike.
The carriage kit for the tritone can fit two bottle cages, a co2 cannister and inflator and spare inner tube: the carriage kit for the tritone can fit two bottle cages, a co2 cannister and inflator and spare inner tube
The Tritone's carriage kit includes two water bottle mounts and provision for a CO2 canister, inflator and inner tube
What really sets the Tritone apart is its supplied modular carriage kit. This provides the ability to fit two bottle cages, a CO2 canister and inflator and spare inner tube to a minimal frame that bolts neatly on the rear underside of the shell to give a completely integrated look. The CO2 canister sits below the saddle and screws through the frame at the rear, with the inflator screwing onto the outside. The inner tube straps on below, also below the saddle.
The angled bottle cages sit at approximately 45 degrees to the saddle’s centre line, and are as close as possible to the rear of the saddle without interfering, making reaching for a drink much simpler than with some extended bolt-on designs.
Also beneath the saddle is a tough plastic hook under the nose, designed in conjunction with the forward section of the rails to allow easy and secure racking on varied diameter bars.

Pricing is still to be determined but for more information on this, or any other saddle, stop by the shop!

Time to start planning your winter training so stop by and sign up for our Fall or Winter Race Series.  Slots are filling up fast so don't delay!
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