Monday, September 30, 2013


Remember when you got your first bike as a kid?

Remember when you got your first race bike?

Remember when Carbon Fiber became the wave of the future for bikes?

How did you feel each and every time?  You felt like a little kid at Christmas time didn't you?

Every time I am at the shop and someone takes the Turbo out for a test ride their reaction is always the same - Smiling, Laughing, and just sheer exhilaration.  A lot of people take a lot of different bikes out for test rides at the shop but no one comes back with the same expression as they do when they come back from riding the Specialized Turbo.

This week we are going to discuss the Turbo in detail quite a bit.  I should not really give that information out but I want you to know that we are going to be posting videos, articles, and personal thoughts on the Turbo to try and get the "POINT" of the bike out to our audience.

Some information first of all on Specialized's dealership allotment.  There are only 20 dealers currently nationwide that are stocking the Turbo.  The maximum amount of dealers is going to be 25.  Right now the next closest dealer is in Pittsburgh, PA.  This is a very special bike that requires commitment from the dealer to be allowed to stock them and Tom's Pro Bike has made that commitment to Specialized and to you, our customers.  We have 1 Small and 2 Mediums in stock right now.  We have a large on order as well.

You might be asking yourself what the purpose of this bike is?  Commuting comes first to mind.  Sure you could take it along the water front and enjoy and easy spin or even take it out on training rides.  But at the end of the day if you put racks and fenders on the Turbo and started running errands and commuting to work you would see the full benefit of the Turbo!

I have a 40 mile round trip commute and if I had the resources to purchase a Turbo here is my Pro/Con list:

1 - I would get home from work much faster and also be much fresher so I could do more evening training rides with local bike clubs. 
2 - I would be able grocery shop and get my load of food up to the top of Chestnut Ridge Road where I live without much effort.
3 - I would be the first person that I know that owns an Electric Assist Bike.

1 - I would have to do more training rides to keep my current fitness level (but that really is a Pro isn't it?)
2 - I would have to answer questions about how I can go that fast without pedaling that hard and give my secret away (Well another Pro because I love talking bikes and get enough questions when I am out on my Mukluk anyways!)

Here is a link to a video out of Minneapolis that stages a "race" between a Turbo, Scooter, Motorcycle, and Car to a destination downtown.  At the end of the day you might need to justify spending this amount of money on a bike and after watching the video you just might see it as one way to "justify" the purchase.

Time to start planning your winter training so stop by and sign up for our Fall or Winter Race Series.  Slots are filling up fast so don't delay!
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