Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter Biking Tips

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Found a great article about winter riding from Strong Towns:  They list 4 key points but I would read through the whole informative article:

1 - Ease Into It - Winter cycling is more taxing than summer time so recovery is longer!
2 - Outfit Your Bike - You are better off being safe rather than sorry.  Fenders & Studs help!
3 - Wear The Right Gear - Leave cold and warm up as you go along.  If you are comfortable at departure you are overdressed!
4 - Prioritize Safety - Helmet, Lights & Ride Cautiously!

We can help you at Tom's with all of the above besides #1 - that is up to you!  Other than that stop by and check out our complete line of cold weather clothing & accessories and bikes!  We are open from 10-8 today!

For more information on getting fat stop by the shop and check out our complete inventory selection!  If you are interested in getting full on Fat then here is the price sheet for the sale but anything from 2015 and older is limited to stock on hand.  

Want a great way to stay in shape this winter, besides Fat Biking, and to monitor your power & fitness levels? Sign up for a slot of our Indoor Training Series.

Indoor Training Series is on right now. Information HERE!

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