Monday, February 1, 2016

Now That You Have A Fatbike - When To Ride

So you took advantage of the recent Surly (December) or Specialized (January) Fat Bike Sale and were all excited to get out on the snow and ride, ride, ride.  But the problem is there really isn't any snow and now it is above freezing - What to do?

There was a great article posted on the wonder called Facebook over the weekend addressing this specific issue and HERE IT IS:

*This applies to all user groups*.  Please help spread the word this time of year. Most of our trail damage occurs during the ‘freeze/thaw’ and creates a back log of maintenance issues come spring. Using common sense will help minimizing impact and will allow our crews to focus on projects that will enhance the riding experience instead of being bogged down with otherwise preventable tread repair from this time of year.

I will say that in years past this has not been a big issue because the temperatures were well below freezing and there was a great base that allowed for some great fat bike riding - this winter just isn't that way.  Do everyone a favor and stick to the road or trainer until the freeze comes or until Spring arrives.  I have owned a fat bike for 6  years now and ridden snow for 8, and this is the first time we had conditions like these.  Just pretend it is a snowmobile and all the trails are closed or head over to the Adirondack area or other areas where the snow is awaiting your tires!

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