Monday, January 18, 2016

Counterfeit Carbon Bikes & The Dangers

Andrew Love is the bike industry’s foremost counterfeit investigator.

I found a very interesting article over the weekend that was a couple of months old, but really struck home, based on Counterfeit Bikes & Accessories on - To Catch a Counterfeiter: The Sketchy World of Fake Bike Gear:

Inside the disturbing parallel universe of counterfeit bicycle makers, the consumers who do business with them, and the bike industry’s relentless crusade to shut them down.

This is a good read if you are out there looking for a "Deal" on a carbon frame and what actually goes on behind the scenes to catch companies that sell them as authentic bikes.  It is centered around Specialized and their force of workers that are charged with the task of finding them and shutting them down.

The premise behind the story is that if you find a deal that seems way too good to be true then do your homework!  Of course, our recommendation is to see us at Tom's Pro Bike and thus ensuring that you get the real deal, but if you are internet shopping for a deal - just be careful!

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