Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Getting Fat in January

Here is our very own Tom Seiler in action on his fat bike over the weekend.  Sure it was not the most ideal conditions snow depth wise but when you have a fatty you have to make due many times just to get out and explore the woods.

The January Fat Bike Sale is still going on and we will be focusing on this most of this week.  If you have a desire to get out there and see what the craze is all about we have a nice sized rental fleet for you and any rental fee goes toward the purchase price of a Fat Bike.  Once the snow gets a little deeper and the trails get groomed down better then that will give you a great idea of whether this winter time activity is for you.

I can promise you this - It will burn a lot of calories.  It will help your bike handling skills.  The Fat Bike is not just for winter usage.  You can do regular mountain biking on one and many Cyclo-Cross races have Fat Bike categories as well.  It is a great way to round out your cycling fitness.

Here is the price sheet for the sale but anything from 2015 and older is limited to stock on hand.  2016 models are available but I am sure Specialized inventory will be depleted quickly so hurry in and get your order placed!

We are open today from 10-8 and this is a great way to ring in your 2016 Fitness!

Want a great way to stay in shape this winter, besides Fat Biking, and to monitor your power & fitness levels? Sign up for a slot of our Indoor Training Series.

Indoor Training Series is on right now. Information HERE!

WE RENT FAT BIKES NOW! Interested in trying out a Fat Bike without having to purchase one? We now rent the Specialized Fatboy at Tom's Pro Bike & all rental fees goes towards Purchase Price - EVEN DURING THE JANUARY SALE!

Tom's Pro Bike
3687 Walden Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086

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