Monday, August 11, 2014

2013 & Older Bike Clearance Sale

There are only so many words to describe the sale that Tom is having right now on all 2013 and older models.  UNREAL, WOW, I NEED THAT BIKE, and ARE YOU KIDDING ME are some that came to mind as I walked around the store on Saturday and looked at some of the prices.

I am working on getting the exact sale list up on the blog and facebook but if you are looking for a new bike or just think that getting a great deal on a bike is pretty cool also then I would head over to Tom's and check out the prices.

Bike Image

I saw a Lynskey Titanium Hardtail 29'er Mountain Bike for under $4,000.  That is a $5500 bike generally.  There are 105 level road bikes for close to $1,100.00.  I can't even imaging what the Fuji Di2 UL bike (the Altamira is posted above) are going for (they were already down to $2,950.00 before the sale from their original price of $4,000.00).  Needless to say if you are in the market for a bike stop on by and check out our inventory.  As with all sales of this caliber - once the inventory is gone the price is gone with it.

We are open from 10-8 today so come on in and take a test ride on that bike you always wanted!  There is a new Valpak Coupon out as well.

Don't forget we stock Assos Clothing & Accessories now.

Indoor Race Series information is out.  Click on the link to register and purchase ride credits.

Check out our Events Page for upcoming rides and events at Tom's Pro Bike.  A September Maintenance Clinic is being planned so stay tuned for more information.

Tom's Pro Bike
3687 Walden Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 651-9995

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