Friday, August 1, 2014

Supporting YOUR Local Business

To start off, we love our customers and love how you support us.  Tom found a great article and wants our customers to understand the research out there that backs up supporting local businesses instead of big chains or even Internet shopping.

The title of the article is: Improve the economy, buy local.

Civic Economics did the research and found out by comparing 22 independent retailers and restaurants with 4 chain stores and 3 national restaurant chains:

The LOCAL retailers returned an average of 52% of their revenue to the local economy compared to 14% of the chain retailers.  The LOCAL restaurants returned 79% compared to 30% for the chain restaurants.  There are five categories that were looked at as well:

1.  Profits paid out to LOCAL owners - Tom has been a local business operator for 30+ years
2.  Wages paid to LOCAL workers - We all live in the local communities and spend our money locally
3.  Procurement of goods services for internal use - When Tom is looking for something done at the shop he always uses local people
4.  Procurement of local goods for resale - Although there are no local "bike" manufacturers, Tom is a big supported of the local race scene and helps support many racers as well with Team Discounts.
5.  Charitable giving within the community - You see Tom's van at every charity ride around and he also supports many other charities behind the scenes that only us in the shop or those involved with the charity ever get to see

Of course we want you to buy everything bike from Tom's.  But I am also pretty confident that Tom would rather you spend money at a local shop instead of purchasing elsewhere.  We have many sales throughout the year that allow you to save on big ticket purchases and just think about the local ramifications of buying that spare part over the Internet - you are supporting their location not your own.  

This is one way you help grow the local economy - purchase local!

Once again - thanks for all of your support!

Be on the lookout for a HUGE BIKE AND WHEEL CLEARANCE SALE COMING SOON!  2015 models are filtering in and we need to clear space out for them.

There is a big weekend of racing coming up.  Starts Friday August 1st with the Larkinville Crit and then we have a 2 Days of Buffalo Omnium.  Even if you don't race it should make for some great bike race viewing some come on out this weekend and support the Buffalo Race Scene and cheer on your favorite Tom's rider!

Check out our Events Page for upcoming rides and events at Tom's Pro Bike

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