Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What to Wear Wednesday - RACE GEAR

Since we are on a Race roll this week I figured we could cover some gear that you can use while you are racing either Mountain Bikes, Cross Bikes, Road Bikes, or Triathlons.  At Tom's we carry something for all the above races and all the accessories you could ever think of needing to carry you through your race.

For Mountain Bike, Cross and Road races I just wear the Standard Tom's Pro Bike jersey/shorts/socks.  These are Castelli & Pearl Izumi manufactured and are extremely comfortable.

Custom Clothing

As you can see Tom's stocks short sleeve and long sleeve jerseys and bib shorts.

They are long lasting, have an outstanding chamois, and are very comfortable to wear.  We are fully stocked with these so if you need some new kits for the upcoming season stop by and check out our gear.

As I mentioned yesterday, Tom's Pro Bike is a sponsor of the Buffalo Triathlon Club and we have their tri racing gear in stock for members.  The main difference in tri gear and standard bike gear is the thickness of the chamois, weight of the material, and tri gear is tank cut instead of sleeved.  This gives you more shoulder movement on the swim and allows for more overall body cooling with less fabric.  The fabric also dries quicker than standard bike gear which is helpful to wear it under the wetsuit to lessen your transition area time.

If you have any other questions about clothing or aero or road helmets, or tri and road shoes stop by the shop, give us a call, or send us an e-mail.  We also have standard race gear if you want some jerseys from Pearl Izumi, Castelli, or Specialized.

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