Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Triathlon/TT Tuesday - RACE SCHEDULE

Since we did a race focused post yesterday and because March is right around the corner I figured we would write up a post on some local races to get your competitive juices flowing!  I am sure some of you traveled to warmer climates this winter and did some races in places like Key West, FL, the Caribbean, and possibly even New Zealand of Australia for the world travelers that follow our blog!

I also realized, while riding along Lake Erie's FROZEN shoreline this morning, that local races are not right around the corner but in the southern states the race calendar is getting ready to go full tilt.  But that doesn't mean we can't dream of 80 degree weather, Lake Erie or Lake Ontario water at a comfortable temperature, and the sun shining down on us while we compete in local venues now does it?

Tom's Pro Bike is a sponsor of the Buffalo Triathlon Club and we will use their site as a reference point or the various other links they show for race information.  Score-This and Eclipse Multisport are two of the larger race promoters in our local area and if you check out their sites you will find additional race information.

I am going to highlight a few of the races on the calendar just by random order or because they are races that I have experience with.  I am not saying these are the races that you have to do and as I mentioned above if you check out the links you will find the full race schedule for all area races, and many Rochester and Ontario races as well.

It looks like the calendar kicks off with the ECC Kats Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon on May 19th.  This has an indoor swim at the Burt Flickenger Athletic Center and then the bike and run are in the downtown area.

The first full local outdoor race is the Quakerman in Orchard Park June 16th.  Since I live in the area of this race I am very aware of the race venue and it is a fun bike course and the run is through the beautiful area around Green Lake.

Looking to do a longer race but not a full Ironman distance?  Check out the GreatLakes 100 Mile Triathlon.  This is a 2nd year race and they have added a Cleveland, OH race site to this years calendar.  I almost signed up for this race last year but did the Beach2Battleship Full Relay race instead.  If you are race tested and want to try a new format I highly recommend this race - 1 mile swim (or 1 mile trail run for the Du), 84 mile bike leg, and then a 15 mile run.  Being up north along Lake Ontario I would imagine the scenery is beautiful and would make this race a highlight for anyone choosing to race it.

For the final race posting I am going to highlight a race that I imagine would end up hurting A LOT! - When a race has the word Pain in the title I would imagine they are not doing this because it is easy and they are trying to entice you to race it - I have to believe it is a tough course, they know it, and they want you to understand it.  Pain-in-the-alleganies is September 22 and is run through Allegany State Park.  I heard from a participant last year that the course is tough and last year the conditions were cold and rainy so that added to the enjoyment of the race.

As I said check out the links above for more race information and please do not take offense if I did not list your race.  We have a great schedule in our area for a smaller market and with the proximity of Rochester, Toronto, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh you could surely find a race weekly to fit into your schedule.  But I highly recommend you supporting our local promoters as much as possible.

If you need any bike equipment or are interested in more information on bike training or nutrition stop by the shop and talk to us.  Just remember race season is right around the corner so book a fit as soon as possible so that you can be ready for the great spring riding that is going to be here shortly!

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