Monday, February 18, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday - BRAKES

On recent mountain bikes they are fabricated for the usage of disc brakes.  With disc brakes you two options:

1) - Mechanical Disc Brakes
2) - Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The main manufacturers are either Avid or Magura.  

AVID BB-7 Mountain
They both manufacture hydraulic disc brakes while Avid manufactures mechanical brakes.   Both companies are very reputable and reliable and you cannot go wrong with either manufacture on your bike to help with your stopping power!

AVID BB-7 Road
The nice thing about Avid BB brakes (mechanical) are that they make a road or mountain bike pull.  The difference comes in handy if you want to run drop bars on your mountain bike and can run the road pull.  
AVID XO Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Right now you might be scratching your head saying why would anyone run drop bars on a mountain bike?  For longer rides, Single Speed set ups, or comfort drop bars provide a much different feel than straight bars and can come in very handy.  Plus with disc brakes becoming popular on cross bikes, where drop bars are standard, this gives you the ability to utilize disc brakes

If you are in need of some new brakes, a frame to hold them, or miscellaneous parts for your current disc brake set up stop by the shop for some more information.  We do not stock the Magura brakes but can order them in for you and help you install them.

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