Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday's Miscellaneous Musings - PARK TOOLS

Today we are going to discuss bicycle tools that Tom's Pro Bike carries in the shop and can order for you if they are not in stock.  The main supplier of tools that we carry is Park Tool.  We have access to other manufacturers should you need them but at the shop Park is what you will see stocked on the tools rack!

We are not going to discuss every tool out there by Park but today we will discuss the tools that you should have in a seat bag in case of mechanical issues while out riding:

First up is the Fold Up Hex Wrench Set.  This tool will allow you to loosen and adjust seat posts, stems, or any other hex headed bolt that you have on the bike.  It may not always be used but it is very wise to have this with you just in case adjustments need to be made on the road!

Next up is a flat repair kit:  This has tire bars and a patch kit.  It is also very wise to carry a spare tube and pump or CO2 filler with you as well.  If you ride any amount of miles on the road you will have a flat sooner or later and having the ability to repair the tire while on the road is very beneficial as well.

As I mentioned above we have access to all other tools from Park for home maintenance.  If you have any questions stop by the shop and ask away.  We are here to make you feel comfortable taking your bike out on the road for fun times!

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