Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall Century This Sunday

This Sunday is our first Tom's Pro Bike Fall Century.  We leave the shop at 9:00am and are heading east to Batavia and then north towards Lake Ontario and then make our way back to the shop.  Right now the weather forecast looks awesome for this ride.

This is a self-supported ride so here is a small list of some things I would have with you to ensure that you have a great time:
#1 - Bike
#2 - Shoes
#3 - Helmet
#4 - Padded Bike Shorts & Chamois Cream to keep you comfortable in the saddle
#5 - Dress in layers - it is much cooler at 9:00am than 1:00pm this time of the year so arm/knee warmers come in handy and are easily removed once the temperatures hit their daily peak.
#6 - Money or Credit Card for refueling along the way
#7 - Emergency Repair Kit and the knowledge to use all of the pieces included.  2 tubes might not be a bad thing or at least a patch kit
#8 - Bike Candy - easy to reach fuel sources for the first part of the ride
#9 - A full tummy from a healthy breakfast - it is no fun doing an early bonk due to poor nutrition choices.  This is going to be a 6+ hour day on the bike and starting out with negative calories is not a wise choice
#10 - A big old smile and willingness to enjoy whatever comes your way - hills/wind/flats - just think and enjoy the fact that you are on your bike!

We are open today from 10-8 if you need to pick up any last minute supplies for the ride or to pick our minds about what are the best choices for you.  We even have some great deals on our 2015 & older inventory if you want to break in a new bike this weekend!

Indoor Training Series is starting soon.  Information HERE!

Help Make Tom's Pro Bike the 2015 BikeRoar Best Bike Shop U.S.A.  If you vote you also earn a chance for a $200.00 voucher to use at Tom's Pro Bike!  Click on the link and go vote please.

WE RENT FAT BIKES NOW!  Interested in trying out a Fat Bike without having to purchase one?  We now rent the Specialized Fatboy at Tom's Pro Bike!

Looking to do a Century?  Set aside 9/20 for Tom's Century Ride - Free Ride but Pre-Registration HERE Required!

Looking to do a Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen type ride?  Set aside 10/4 for the DD716 which is going to be a punishing 60 or so mile route over & through some of Erie Counties biggest hills and prettiest countryside.  Route is being analyzed so more will follow.  This is a no joke ride that will start and finish at Chestnut Ridge and will be a "controlled" roll to each climb where you will be set lose to challenge yourself and those around you!

WNY Cross has a new Facebook Page with all the Buffalo/Rochester Race Information posted!
3687 Walden Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 651-9995

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