Friday, March 27, 2015

Tire Size & Rolling Resistance - WRAP UP

It all started last Friday with a post about Rolling Resistance based on Tire Size and Inflation Pressure.  That got the mind working all weekend and we moved forward into this week about bikes and other good stuff.

Monday we brought out the Specialized Diverge A1.  This bike is capable of 35mm tires and runs disc brakes and is based on the Roubaix/CruX platform with long endurance road/gravel rides in mind.

Tuesday we highlighted an entry level bike by Felt the V100.  Capable of the same larger tires that the Diverge runs but built with a lower component level and a lower price point.

Wednesday, thanks to Jeff, brought on a Latex Tube vs Butyl Tube discussion.  If you are a road bike rider and looking for a way to lower rolling resistance on skinny tires then latex tubes is an inexpensive way to try something new out.  Comparable to Tubular Tires but at a much lower price point this is a good experiment to use before stepping up in wheel sets!

Thursday wrapped up the week with the Fuji Tread 1.3 Disc.  This bike fits right in between the Felt V100 and the Specialized Diverge A1 price wise and is another option at wider tires and endurance geometry.

Come on in today or tomorrow from 10-6 and check out our great inventory.  Hopefully the snow stops falling and the temperatures start going up so we can all get out on the bikes!

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