Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This past Sunday was the 2014 edition of the Paris-Roubaix race and today we are going to discuss pro racing, cobbles, Spring Classics and bicycles.  I am not sure how many of you are disappointed with how pro cycling and the racers have handled their issues in the past couple of decades but it seems that once race day comes around I forget all of those issues and just take in the whole experience that viewing these pro race is.

I am currently in the process of watching the tape delayed telecast of Paris-Roubaix and have no idea who won the race.  I purposely avoided any cycling sites Sunday and Monday just so that I could watch it "live" and they just entered the Forest of Arenberg and there were 3 flats from the lead group in the first minute.  They just did a close of the S-Work Roubaix and how it takes a beating from the cobbles but man that bike looked to be pretty stable with the Zertz inserts!

On my ride with my buddy yesterday we were discussing races and I said this is one race that I would love to go see but I didn't know if I would want to be in the Forest of Arenberg or at the Velodrome to see the finish line.  Either way I would never complain to be at either section if the time ever comes!

So what awaits the winner at the finish line?  The trophy above and a ton of respect from the many that put this race above all others, including the Tour de France!

Congratulations Niki Terpstra and S-Works Roubaix on the victory!

What is your dream event?  Would you ever venture to Europe to ride some of these routes?

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To start off the season Single Track Racing is hosting a 6 race series at Sprague Brook starting May 20, 2014. Check out theirFacebook Pagefor more information or Register Here.

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