Monday, April 7, 2014

Mountain Bike Monday - BEING PREPARED

First off - Western New York Mountain Bike Association is in the running for a grant from Bell Helmets to help build more trails at Holiday Valley and you can help them by going to the link and voting once our area of the country opens up.  East coast doesn't vote for a while but keep this in mind and help WNYMBA win some grant money so we can have more trails to ride!  They win and we win!

Secondly onto the blog point - Being Prepared.  I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days mountain biking around Moab, Utah this past week and came across two situations that part of me want to discuss and another part doesn't because we don't want to be considered bike snobs by any means.

But if you are going to be mountain biking in serious terrain you need to have a bike that is capable of handling the terrain.  What makes me bring this up you might be thinking to yourself?  Thursday I was riding Slickrock in Moab and came across a kid with a very entry level brand name bike that had sheared the crank "bolt" off and was preparing to walk about 5-7 miles out from where he was.  This could happen to any bike but if you are going to be riding a world class difficult trail like Slickrock then being prepared for your riding conditions is paramount.

I am not talking a $4,000 full suspension mountain bike.  I am talking about a decent "entry level" mountain bike that should carry you through the majority of normal mountain biking conditions safely and reliably.

I have highlighted the Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29 before but this is a great starting point if you are going to be doing some serious riding.  With a MSRP of $1,150 it is a great bike that, under typical operating conditions, will allow you to have fun riding your bike and only walking it when necessary.  Not 7 miles to the trailhead!

Second "mistake" I saw was a family letting their children ride their lower end bikes that did not even come close to fitting and they took hybrids out on Slickrock.  I guess the way I look at things is that if I am going to be doing something as awesome as riding Slickrock with my children I want them to enjoy it so they want to keep coming back and I want a bike that will handle the rigors of this great trail.  You could set aside $300 in the family vacation budget for rental bikes so everyone is on a properly fit bike and everyone has fun.

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To start off the season Single Track Racing is hosting a 6 race series at Sprague Brook starting May 20, 2014. Check out theirFacebook Pagefor more information or Register Here.

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