Thursday, July 24, 2014

Triathlon/TT Thursday (Switched Days on You) - UPGRADED FELT IA & DA

I made an error in thinking that today was going to be a Triathlon/TT day and did some research and came across the news of an update to Felt's IA & DA bike line so I just rolled with it since Tuesday's post was about our upcoming Service Clinic (which was very well attended if you look at our pictures on Facebook).

IA Trickles Down:

Last year, Felt introduced its top-end, brand new IA bike. The bike came in only one version, designated FRD, for a cool $14,000. This year, Felt is releasing no fewer than three new builds, which use lower-grade carbon, but feature all of the same integration and features as the original. These are styled the IA2 ($10k, Di2 and Novatec carbon clinchers), IA3 ($7k, SRAM RED 22 and carbon clinchers), and IA4 ($5,500, Shimano Ultegra and alloy clinchers). Finally, the frame that makes up those less-expensive builds will also be available separately, and is called the IA1 ($4,500).

Updates to DA and B-series

The DA is getting the top-end TeXtreme carbon.
As usual, Felt hasn't rested on its laurels with regard to its existing bikes. The DA was updated in 2013 with the new Bayonet 4 fork (which contains the same integrated brake as the IA), and incremental updates continue this year on several fronts. First, the DA line has been stripped down to just one model. It's called the DA1, and at $4,999, it's a very compelling entry in the lineup. It's UCI legal, keeps the very slick Devox carbon aerobar and Bayonet 4 fork from last year, and gains two more things. The first is the TeXtreme fabric also seen on the IA FRD, designed to improve or maintain stiffness, while simultaneously dropping weight. Second, and this is a change affecting all of Felt's tri bikes for 2015 (except the lowest-end B14 and S32), Felt has adopted a new vibration-reducing technology is its seatposts made and patented by 3T. The posts basically have an elastomeric material between the clamping hardware and the circular cavity in the seatpost that accepts that hardware. The idea is that this material helps to isolate vibrations from one to the other, basically insulating your bum from some road chatter. Again, the new seatposts will be stock going forward on all IA models, the DA1, and all B-series models except the lowest-end B14.
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