Monday, May 5, 2014

Mountain Bike Monday - IT'S A FATBIKE

The weather held off on "all" the rain we were supposed to get so we held an informal Tom's Pro Bike Mountain Bike ride at Sprague Brook yesterday afternoon.  It was funny that only fat bikes showed up to play.  Lynskey and Specialized were represented by Tom's Pro Bike sold bikes at the ride and it was a great time.

The Lynskey Stratus is the titanium version of the Fat Bike and rode solidly for the first time in the dirt:

Float along on our new Stratus all terrain fatbike and you’ll find yourself enjoying muddy, sandy, slushy, icy, and other downright nasty trail conditions like never before. You can also assault those ruthless potholes, curbs, and cobblestones of your local asphalt jungle with ease, comfort, and fun!
At the core of this beauty is our 3Al-2.5V titanium frame. As you can imagine titanium is the perfect material for a fatbike. It’s superstrong, extra-lightweight, and it will never rust, corrode, or tarnish even if you live and ride on nothing but oceanfront saltwater beaches.

The frame is packed full of features such as rear rack mounts, slider dropouts that allow to you run either geared or single speed, a versatile 44mm (i.d.) headtube that accepts both straight and tapered fork steerer tubes, and the rear seatstays and chainstays have clearance for up to a 4.0” rear tire. Several of you have already asked about the possibility of running a 29" wheel/tire package, move the sliders back a smidge from center, you're set.

The Specialized Fatboy is an aluminum version with carbon fork and it's owner had a blast riding it on the dirt for the first time as well:

All the fun of a fat bike with the performance of a Specialized. The Fatboy combines a lightweight frame and fork with 4.6" Specialized Ground Control tires for nimble handling in the most extreme conditions.
  • New, fully butted M4 Premium Aluminum frame with 190mm rear spacing and a tapered headtube for a lightweight platform with stiffness where you need it and clearance for 5" tires
  • New, full monocoque, Specialized FACT carbon fiber fork with 5-inch tire clearance is super-lightweight and stiff
  • Wide, 4.6" Specialized Ground Control tires with foldable aramid bead are light, fast rolling, and provide excellent traction regardless of the terrain
  • Custom 2x10 PF30 crankset with 100mm spindle provides tough and dependable performance
  • Tektro Draco 2 hydraulic disc brakes provide powerful and consistent braking, regardless of the weather, temperature or terrain
  • SRAM X7 10-speed rear derailleur provides fast and reliable shifting that can handle all the elements

Tom's currently has a Medium Surly Puglsey in stock and a Large Specialized Fatboy.  We can order in your size and also the Lynskey.  These bikes are versatile and you are guaranteed to have a great time no matter where you are riding the bike - including riding in the creeks!  Stop by for more information.

May is National Bike Month - why don't you try and commit one more bike commute to work than you did in April as a motivational tool. Remember we have all the tools available to make your commute dry, safe, and comfortable!

A great way to test the your new Mountain Bike out and to start off the Mountain Bike season is to race. Single Track Racing is hosting a 6 race series at Sprague Brook starting May 20, 2014. Check out their Facebook Page for more information or Register Here. This is coming up fast so go on line and register for the series even if you think you can't make them all so you can help Mountain Biking in Western New York. The group that runs these races are good folk and deserve our support!
Huge clothing sale taking place right now - stop by and check out our inventory!Included in this great sale is Mavic Mountain Bike Clothing.

EVENT SCHEDULE is up at the website. Check out our upcoming 2014 events and pre-plan your schedule! May 7th Service Clinic and May 18th Spring 25/50!

Don't forget if you are contemplating the XTERRA Syracuse or XTERRA ASP to let us know if you are interested in joining a training team at Tom's as well.

S-WORKS 2014 Spring Clearance Sale! In-Stock Merchandise only!

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