Thursday, August 15, 2013

Travel By Bike Thursday - BIKEPACKING

I missed Monday's Mountain Bike post so I was thinking of ways of catching up on the Mountain Bike trends and I figured let's discuss Bikepacking!

What is Bikepacking?  Well it is like backpacking but instead of your back you use your bike to carry all of your camping gear.  It is usually done on a mountain bike because, like backpacking, you are riding the bike off of the beaten path.  You don't see many backpackers walking down Main Street and setting up tents do you?

How do you carry gear on a mountain bike that is not "built" with touring in mind?  That is a great question and there are many companies out there that have accessories for mountain bikes to carry gear.  Since you are in rougher territory generally you need to ensure that you have well manufactured equipment because if something breaks then you are riding a bike with a backpack carrying all of your gear and that is not an enjoyable thing.

How far do you go?  Some just go overnight - the new "hot" thing is the S24O (Sub 24 Hour Overnight Trip).  You can load up, ride to Sprague Brook or Ellicottville, set up camp, eat dinner, relax, sleep, eat breakfast, and ride back home the next day.  I have done this type of trip to Alleghany State Park and Sprague Brook and they are very enjoyable and a great way to spend some free time on your bike!

So now to the gear you can use:

Revelate Designs out of Alaska is the big player in this market.  They are a small operation but their gear is outstanding.  That is my Felt and I have their saddle bag and also handlebar carrier.  On my Mukluk I had a friends mom make me a frame bag based on their ideas (I just hope it works on the Lynskey!)
On my Mukluk I also have a rear rack from Old Man Mountain.  This is an American based company that makes solid products.  I have had the rack on my bike for 3 years now and have never had an issue with the rack coming loose.

An internet search will give you many more options as well.  You can stop by the shop to discuss the different gear needed to make the trip easier but at the end of the day some people just load a smaller backpack up and ride off into the sunset for some bikepacking.

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