Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Change It Up Wednesday - BIKE INDUSTRY NEWS

Welcome to Wednesday and for those that have seen the advertisement with the camel walking around the office trying to get people to saw what day it was - it is hump day!!!!

We are giving you some more insight into the Specialized Turbo today.  If you have had the chance to take this fun bike for a spin then you know the excitement that it causes.  If you haven't, you need to get to the shop and take it out.  What a great bike to ride.  Sure it is not for everyone but if you decide to get one then I highly doubt there will be any disappointment!

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Specialized! #itsyouonlyfaster

With pedal-assisted Turbo power, you can ride at top speed for over an hour without breaking a sweat! How long is your commute?  #itsyouonlyfaster 

From every angle, Turbo has kept the clean look of its race bike pedigree. #itsyouonlyfaster

Specialized innovation and Swiss engineering combined to create the unbelievably quiet efficiency and power of the Turbo’s custom motor 

Without the typical clutter of other eBikes, Specialized engineers didn’t stop until the battery disappeared into the downtube 

The Turbo can go 45 kph (28 mph!), how fast do you go on your commute?

Sleek and understated design defines Turbo’s integration of power and elegance #itsyouonlyfaster 

Turbo is fast even when it’s standing still! Turbo fully charges in about 2 hours.  Does your cell phone charge that quickly? #itsyouonlyfaster

The Turbo’s battery costs just pennies to charge.  How much do you spend in gas to commute to work?

With brains and brawn, Turbo has sturdy aluminum framework for control and regenerative disc brakes for efficiency  

Turbo has a custom Li-Ion battery made with the same technology used in premium laptops and tablets. #itsyouonlyfaster

More bike than eBike, Turbo’s custom oversized through axels make rear wheel removal a breeze #itsyouonlyfaster  

The Turbo has ANT+ integrated electronics so you can monitor speed, battery life, and HR quickly and easily #itsyouonlyfaster 

Magnetic cables for Turbo’s battery and motor make it easy to use, less prone to corrosion, and like the rest of the bike- Fast! #itsyouonlyfaster

LED power indicators located right on the Turbo’s battery tell you exactly how much juice you have. #itsyouonlyfaster 

Turbo’s custom battery has power to spare yet fits seamlessly into the downtube #itsyouonlyfaster

For added security, the Turbo comes with an integrated battery lock #itsyouonlyfaster 

Even Turbo’s cables are fast, internal cable grooving assures quiet, secure, low-maintenance performance

Turbo is simply elegant, one waterproof connector is all it takes to link the motor to the power source #itsyouonlyfaster 

For more information on the Specialized Turbo or to take out on a test spin stop by the shop!

For us mountain bikers Thomson is entering the seatpost drop market with the Thomson Elite Dropper Seat Post.  It is a higher cost than RockShox or Specialized's posts in the market but those familiar with the Thomson quality will understand.  Click on the link for more information!  If interested Tom's can definitely order one in for you.

Do you ride at dawn or dusk and are looking for a good light that offers a rear blinker on the battery pack as well?  Check out the Serfas light and if interested stop by the shop and we can order one in for you.

Looking for a power meter of some type?  Check out Garmin's Vector Power Meter Pedal.  MSRP of $1,699.99 if you are interested in another option to check out and monitor your power!

Reservations are being taken for our test ride at our Specialized Demo Days August 23rd and 24th:

Don't forget we have our Summer Clearance Sale happening now:

XTerra is Returning to WNY - XTerra ASP September 28, 2013 

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