Thursday, November 29, 2012

Travel By Bike Thursday

Today's and future Thursday blogs will be about using your bicycle for travel.  Whether it is a Commuter Bike to ride to work or used for errands or a Touring Bike to travel on, we will be focusing on bicycles and accessories that will allow you to do this comfortably.

The nice thing about commuting via bike is that the current bike you have would work and would allow you extra saddle time but you might be limited with the size of a tire choice to help alleviate flats and mechanical issues that often have people choosing a car over a bike as a means of transportation and also saving money.  There is not just one bike that fits the "commuter" stereotype and I have commuted on everything from a 29'er mountain bike, Single Speed Mountain Bike, Fat Bike, Road Bike, Cross Bike, and a Touring Bike.  Any bike will work but these bikes have features that make commuting much more comfortable!

Today we are featuring a "Cross" bike that would allow for a wider and heavier duty tire for on the road travel to downtown areas where the roads might not be as clear and clean as they are on the majority of your training rides.  If you are lucky enough and have access to work via a bike trail then any standard road tire would definitely hold up well enough for typical commutes.  The nice thing about most commuting/touring bikes that rack and fender mounts are on the frame and it makes for easy installation of both.  Another nice option of this particular bike is that you can do cross races on it and if you are looking for just one bike to serve many purposes you could also purchase another set of wheels and set it up for road riding.

I will often commute with a backpack but if the weather is going to be crappy - I want fenders.  You can buy fenders that allow attachment to the frame without braze-ons, but I always found it much more reliable and easier to have frame mounted fenders and I have used both.  Panniers are very nice in the summer if you commute because you don't develop the dreaded backpack sweaty back that is so common.

If you have any questions about commuting or racks/fenders stop by the shop and we can discuss all of the options that are out there for you!

On to today's bike choice!


TriCross Sport Disc is the perfect do-it-all bike for anything from trails to commuting to touring, with rack/fender mounts and secondary brake levers. 9-speed Shimano components, Avid disc brakes, and alloy fork give a wider range of gears, better all-condition braking, smoother ride, and quicker handling.
  • Lightweight A1 Premium Aluminum double-butted frame with freeroad geometry is disc-compatible and features internal cable routing for low-maintenance performance in any conditions
  • Lightweight alloy disc fork is ultra-durable, and the lowrider rack and fender mounts means you can keep the water off and the load well-balanced
  • Specialized Borough CX 120 TPI, with Armadilo protection reduces flats and rolls fast on paved or dirt roads
  • Adjustable, oversized alloy stem for strength and versatile positioning; pairs with Specialized Comp shallow drop alloy bar for serious performance
  • Tektro secondary brake levers provide easy-access and reliable stopping power with riding with hands on top of the bars
  • Never miss a critical shift with new Shimano Sora STI shifters
  • Supportive Body Geometry Riva Road is the perfect combination of comfort and efficiency
Tom's Pro Bike Price: $1,300.00
Tom's Bike Blog Price: $1,235.00 - Remember to mention our Blog to receive this special price

Tom's Notes:  Disc brakes are very reliable especially in poor weather.  Yes they add weight to the bike compared to cantilever brakes that you will typically find on commuter/touring bikes but if you ride in poor weather their stopping power is very helpful.  The TriCross comes in 3 different levels of components so if you would like to look at the other options or have any questions get in touch with us.

Stop by the shop and ask about this awesome bike and other options that we have to help you outfit it for your commute or tour.  We carry bike racks and panniers and can help you make wise lighting choices so that you can be seen as well as see objects in the road.

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