Thursday, November 22, 2012

Construction is Complete

As we mentioned yesterday - CONSTRUCTION IS COMPLETE!

Today's blog is going to be a look back at some of the construction process and some words from Tom on why the shop was expanded and how he feels our customers will benefit from the expansion.

The above is a photo of our new showroom area.  Looks a little different than the old shop doesn't it?

As you can see in this picture the old building is a tiny bit smaller than our new one!

And one more photo of our old building for memory sake!

Natural Lighting

I asked Tom why he wanted to construct the new building and he replied; "This was a huge undertaking both financially and mentally. We decided it was worth it because of our commitment to the community and to the cycling community. I have been in the cycling industry since 1974 and will be involved for the rest of my life.  We are here for cyclist and our goal is to provide the best service and products that we can.

I then asked him how he felt the customer would benefit as well and his answer was; "We wanted to be better able to serve the customer.  We had more bikes and accessories to display than space would allow in the old building.  We are known for our service and the lead times for repairs were longer than we wanted them to be so we needed more service room and more mechanics to achieve our goal.  Another goal was to raise the bar for "bike shops".  We needed to become like other retailers in the sense of merchandising and providing a great shopping experience."  Stop by and decide for yourself if those goals were met!

Our New Shop - Built with you in mind!

We all hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again for your support and patronage during our construction!


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